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May 30, 2012

Architect Angus Macdonald Now at Dream Green Homes

 I am pleased to announce that Angus W. Macdonald has joined our team of architects and designers who are represented at Angus received his Masters degree from the Yale School of Architecture along with the AIA medal for Excellence in the Study of Architecture in 1967. He wrote a construction manual for owner-builders on earth tempered housing, about how to site, design, finance, and build energy independent passive solar earth berm dwellings. The book was published by the Mother Earth News in 1982. His residential design received NAHB awards for best of show in Fredericksburg, VA, in the under $150,000 and under $250,000 categories in 1990.

In 1996, he filed a patent on the am-corâ„¢ unified steel and cement constructional system composed of light gauge galvanized steel frame panels coated on site with a continuous ferrocement skin. Macdonald's practice is now in Warrenton, Virginia. He holds licenses in: VA, PA, VT, TX, MI, and Washington, DC. He practices general architecture, with emphasis on residential design.

You can see one of his featured plans, Solareon Court, on the website and it is pictured above. The Solareon Court plan features a greenhouse type courtyard with a clerestory facing south. It can be built into a hillside, or superinsulated on flat land. The structure features a post & beam solar greenhouse room with a glass block fountain. Interior plan is open and simple, suitable for Ikea style wardrobes and storage units. This house is truly affordable; an owner builder could build such a plan for under $100,000. Houses that have been built like this need no fossil fuel to maintain comfortable interior year-round.


Anonymous Emily Tyson said...

It's so good to hear a wise overview about Architect Angus Macdonald. I was able to read one of his book when I was in college but not the whole book though. It was really impressive.

3:22 AM  
Blogger Jerry McIntire said...

I am impressed with all of Macdonald's earth-sheltered designs, simple and inexpensive to build. We are adding his designs to our recommended list for Stone's Throw Ecovillage in Viroqua, Wisconsin.

9:27 AM  

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