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Sustainable architecture is an exciting and important field, with many people reviving traditional methods of building and others creating innovations to established practices. Kelly Hart, webmaster of the popular website, posts text and photos featuring what he discovers from around the world.

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Kelly Hart has been involved with green building concepts for much of his life. He has also worked in various fields of communication media, including still photography, cinematography, animation, video production and now website development. Kelly has lived in an earthbag/papercrete home that he built and consults about sustainable building design.

March 19, 2008

Natural Building Network

There is a fantastic on-line resource for all people interested in natural building: This site was initiated in 2005 by a group of people who collectively have considerable experience in the realm of natural building, which they define as "any building system which places the highest value on social and environmental sustainability. It assumes the need to minimize the environmental impact of our housing and other supporting systems while providing healthy, beautiful, comfortable and spiritually uplifting homes for everyone."

The Natural Building Network is a non-profit membership association, where the joining members can place listings for their services and talents and network world-wide. Towards this end, there are directories of natural builders by location, by specialty, and by their willingness to teach others their skills. This helps the members find suitable employment and helps the public find experienced builders who live in their area. Additionally there are classified listings of announcements about related matters. The Network website also features listings of workshops and events around the world, along with resources for further education.

This network and website offer a much-needed central facility for collecting information about natural builders around the world.


Anonymous keifolla said...

What a wonderful resource. I am wanting to contact an architect that could do some plans for an atrium addition to an existing 1920's building. Kara Eifolla 915-383-9862

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