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June 15, 2005

Saving the Earth

I recently got the following passionate email from a fellow in India. It really expresses exactly why living sustainably is so important:

I wanna involve myself to save this earth from global warming and make the earth cool, so please guide me. I am from India. I am a cricket coach, but I love nature and wish to see this world full of green and bring true peace and friendship on each and everyone's heart and break the boundries on the nation and make this earth as one nation which should be ruled by love and everyone wanna get everything. Atually there is no heaven after death; true heaven is the earth.

Tell me how are humans going to save the nature for the next generation? Just tell my why humans are not thinking about the danger happening against the nature. Look, the educated people are also not thinking to save the earth; they are all living selfish. Why? Who made them like that? Actually the present life style makes every one to compete with others to earn money. Some selfish business kings make the humans to only live in this way. Please I wanna do a lot for nature and humanity. Please help me and give a good suggestion.

So, this was my reply:

I believe that you answered your own question. The present life styles that are popular in much of the world do not encourage people to think about what is best for the earth and their fellow inhabitants of the earth. Instead we are encouraged to always consume more and more to make more profits for the few who are mighty and powerful. All we can do is speak out as you are doing, and live a life that is an example of sustainability. Thank you for speaking your mind and love of life!


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