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Sustainable architecture is an exciting and important field, with many people reviving traditional methods of building and others creating innovations to established practices. Kelly Hart, webmaster of the popular website, posts text and photos featuring what he discovers from around the world.

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Kelly Hart has been involved with green building concepts for much of his life. He has also worked in various fields of communication media, including still photography, cinematography, animation, video production and now website development. Kelly has lived in an earthbag/papercrete home that he built and consults about sustainable building design.

May 26, 2005

New Products Available at Green Home Building

I have tried to keep as free of commercial endorsement as possible, preferring to provide unbiased information on all aspects of the topic. It is always a delicate balance to make information available, without seeming to be favoring one product over another. However, I am frequently making choices about what to post on the site, and my discernment is part of what gives Green Home Building its unique quality. This is true not only about products but also about all of the hundreds of links I have to other websites.

I have always had a huge variety of media available to purchase through Green Home Building, especially books, since this clearly serves to educate readers about sustainable architecture and natural building. More recently I added a selection of posters and art prints that relate to vernacular architecture from around the world, since this can familiarize readers with all of these wonderful architectural forms.

Now I have added significantly to the site by providing annotated links to hundreds of other products that relate generally to the topic of "green home making." Most of these links are through an affiliate arrangement with either or This means that when someone clicks through and actually purchases something, I will make a small percentage on the sale as a commission. I have several reasons for doing this, despite the clearly commercial tone that it presents.

First of all, implicit in describing this particular array of products is its educational value in alerting readers to the existence of many items that they may not be aware of, and that can enhance their lives in an environmentally sound way. Whether people purchase these products or not, there is something positive to be learned.

Second, I have followed the course of Gaiam for over two decades, since its nascent years as RG&E (Real Goods & Electric), a spoof on California's PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric). They have popularized much of what has become standard renewable energy parlance, at a time when few people even knew that it was possible to generate your own electricity. Real Goods became a trusted supplier of renewable energy equipment, and then they expanded into sustainable lifestyle products. A few years ago they merged with competitor Jade Mountain to form Gaiam, so that their product line has become even greater. I trust this company to stand solidly behind the products that they sell, and to only sell products that they want to stand behind as environmentally sound.

Third, from a practical and financial standpoint, I have to be able to make a living as the webmaster for Green Home Building if I am to continue to spend the enormous amount of time it takes to keep it up to date and provide the service that the thousands of daily visitors are delighted to find. One way to do this is through selected affiliate arrangements with other on-line companies that provide valuable services to my readers.

So, here is a list of product pages that are now available at Green Home Building for your edification or benefit:

Natural Household Supplies
Natural Home Furnishings
Water Purification
Water Conservation
Air Purification
Energy Efficient Appliances
Renewable Energy Generators
Electrical Storage and Delivery
Climate Control
Energy Efficient Lighting
Gardening Supplies


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an instructor in the architectural drafting and estimating program and I am currenty teaching "green" concepts in my classes. I was hoping to increase support for green buildings with posters and such that would serve as a wall hangings/advertisements in my classroom, does any one have any or know where to get some?
Thank you,


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